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French President Sarkozy : "f**k off, asshole!" somebody even did a nice little rap song on this


Casse-toi, Pauvre con!

I know, I know, it took me a while to react to this one - I

really did not have time until today to go and look for stuff on this "incident" involving our favorite Chief of State.To make a long story short, while visiting the Salon de l'Agriculture last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy was, as expected, shaking everyone's hand. At one point, an individual for whose hand he was reaching told him this:

- Ah non, touche-moi pas... (Oh no, don't touch me...)
To which Sarko replied: - Casse-toi, alors... (beat it, then...)
The guy went on, saying (note the use of the "tu"):- Tu me salis... (you're making me dirty...)
Sarko then went a bit ballistic and sent him off with:
- Casse-toi, alors, pauvre con.

(a mild translation would be "beat it, jerk!", but personally, I am going with "f**k off, asshole!")
Yeah, what a classy guy he is!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the video of this incident:

In the meantime, there's already pins and t-shirts circulating with those now famous words. Here's a good example:
The center of the first pin on the left reads:
"Ensemble, tout est possible" ("Together everything is possible,") which is the UMP (Sarko's party) slogan.
The center of the pin in the center reads:
"Pour une nouvelle politique de civilisation" ("For a new policy of civilized behavior.")
The center of the pin on the right reads:
"Pour le retour de la morale à l'école" ("For the return of good morality in schools.")

The small note at the bottom right of the image says "Déjà testé sur personne âgée" ("Already tested on Senior Citizens.")

And somebody even did a nice little rap song on this (the video quality is pretty poor, but the lyrics are rather cool):


Rap du "Casse toi pauvre con" Chanson Sarkozy "Castoapovcon"
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